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At Raeco Plumbing, we pride ourselves at providing excellent plumbing services no matter the size of the task.

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We are the solution for Residential Plumbing – Focusing on Domestic, Commercial and Industrial servicing.

Unblocking your toilets and drains so you can get back to your business with peace of mind.

Repairing leaking taps and toilets to prevent further damage to your surrounding environment.

Water leak detection, root cause resolution and protection measures to prevent future leaks.

Gas fitting installation, appliance installation and gas leak servicing in Sydney.

Rather than digging/ replacing the damaged pipe, we pipe reline from the surface.

Hot water system installation and servicing to extend the lifetime of your system.

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Hot Water System Central Coast & Newcastle

At Raeco Plumbing, we supply, install, and service all hot water systems, including electric, gas, and solar. Call us if you need help from our local plumbers with your hot water system or if it has stopped working. 

We will be able to diagnose the problem and carry out the necessary repairs quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you have a new hot water system up and running in no time.

We also offer a general plumbing maintenance service for hot water systems, which can help prolong their life and prevent future problems from occurring. For more information on our hot water system services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains Central Coast & Newcastle

Raeco Plumbing provides reliable service for blocked drain service across Newcastle. Our team of experienced and qualified drain technicians can clear any blockage quickly and efficiently.

We use the latest drain-clearing equipment to ensure clear and free-flowing drains. We can remove it all, be it Dirt, Grime, Grease, Hair, or even intrusive tree roots.


So, if you have blocked drains needing attention, please get in touch with us. We provide a fast, efficient, reliable service at a competitive price.

Leak Detection

Leak Detection Central Coast & Newcastle

Raeco Plumbing is proud to provide top-quality leak detection services across Newcastle. Raeco Plumbing can be your reliable plumbing life saver in leak detection and repair services.

 Our team of experienced and certified professionals uses the latest technology to locate and repair leaks quickly and efficiently. Water conservation in Australia is a must, so we work diligently to ensure you can be confident, knowing your water bill won’t be overblown next month.


Whether you have a leaking pipe, a dripping tap, or an overflowing toilet, Raeco Plumbing can be your reliable plumbing life saver in leak detection and repair services, getting your water system back up and running in no time. Our Plumbing Services are availabe across Newcastle, including suburbs such as MarylandWallsend and Mereweather


If you are concerned about a possible leak on your property, don’t hesitate to contact Raeco Plumbing for expert assistance. We will happily provide a free quote and advice on the best action.

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Water Leaks Detection

Water leaks can occur in various parts of a property’s plumbing system, including pipes, fittings, fixtures, and drains. Detecting these leaks is vital to prevent extensive damage and costly repairs. At Raeco Plumbing, we are committed to providing professional general plumbing services, including water leak detection in the Central Coast & Newcastle area. Our experienced plumbers use advanced technology and skilled techniques to accurately identify and locate water leaks.


We understand the unique challenges of detecting water leaks in the Central Coast & Newcastle properties, which can be prone to issues such as shifting soil, corrosive water, and ageing plumbing systems. Our trained technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art tools, such as thermal imaging cameras, moisture metres, and acoustic listening devices, to detect even the most elusive leaks. We thoroughly inspect the plumbing system, including visible and hidden components, to ensure a comprehensive assessment.

Our water leak detection services are not limited to residential properties but also extend to commercial and industrial properties in the Central Coast & Newcastle area. We understand the critical importance of water conservation and the impact of water leaks on businesses and the environment. Our team is well equipped to handle water leak detection in commercial and industrial settings, such as office buildings, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, and more. We work efficiently to minimise disruption to your operations and provide prompt and reliable solutions.


At Raeco Plumbing, we prioritise customer satisfaction and strive to provide transparent and cost-effective water leak detection services in the Central Coast & Newcastle. Our skilled plumbers offer detailed reports of our findings, including the location and severity of the leaks, to help our customers make informed decisions about repairs. We offer competitive pricing and provide upfront quotes for our services, so you can have peace of mind knowing the costs involved.

Water Leak Detection Services Central Coast & Newcastle

At Raeco Plumbing, we understand the importance of accurate and timely water leak detection. Our experienced plumbers are trained in using state-of-the-art methods and equipment to identify and locate water leaks in various settings, including residential and commercial properties. We utilise techniques such as thermal imaging, moisture metres, and acoustic listening devices to pinpoint the source of the leak, whether it’s hidden behind walls, under floors, or underground.


Our water leak detection services in the Central Coast & Newcastle are comprehensive and tailored to each customer’s unique needs. We conduct thorough plumbing system inspections to identify potential leaks, including pipes, fittings, fixtures, and drains. Our skilled plumbers are trained to recognise common signs of water leaks, such as water stains, dampness, mould growth, and reduced water pressure, and use specialised equipment to confirm the presence of leaks accurately.

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Underground Water Leak Detection Central Coast & Newcastle

Detecting underground water leaks can be particularly challenging, as they may go unnoticed for an extended period, causing significant damage. Raeco Plumbing specialises in underground water leak detection in the Central Coast & Newcastle. Our trained technicians utilise advanced equipment and methods to accurately locate and repair underground water leaks.

We use techniques such as acoustic leak detection, ground penetrating radar, and video inspection to identify hidden leaks in pipes, sewer lines, and other underground plumbing systems. Our team has the expertise to handle complex and challenging water leak detection cases, ensuring that even the most elusive leaks are accurately located and repaired.

Raeco Plumbing: Your Go-To Plumber in Central Coast & Newcastle!

Regarding water leak detection and repair in the Central Coast & Newcastle region, trust the experts at RaeCo Plumbing. With our experience, advanced technology, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide reliable and efficient services to safeguard your property and prevent costly damage from water leaks. We also offer other services including:

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our skilled plumbers and ensure the safety and integrity of your plumbing system.

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Sam Clarke
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The service was fantastic, very friendly and helpful. Very happy with the service. I would recommend Rae.Co Plumbing 😀
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​Nick Burney
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Same day response and very professional staff that attended to the problem. I will use Rae.Co Plumbing again for any plumbing issues!
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Luke Fitzpatrick
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The team were professional, helpful and knowledgeable. They knew how to communicate problems well and finished them on the spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Water leak detection is the process of identifying and locating hidden water leaks within plumbing systems or structures. It involves using specialised equipment and techniques to pinpoint the source of the leak accurately.

Signs of a water leak may include:

  • Unexplained increase in water bills.
  • Water stains or discoloration on walls or ceilings.
  • Dampness or pooling of water in certain areas.
  • Musty or mouldy odours.
  • Decreased water pressure.
  • Audible sounds of water running when no fixtures are in use.

Detecting and repairing water leaks promptly is crucial for several reasons:

  • Water leaks can cause structural damage to your property if left untreated.
  • They can lead to mould and mildew growth, posing health risks.
  • Leaks contribute to water wastage and higher utility bills.
  • Prompt repairs help prevent further damage and the need for costly repairs in the future.

At RAE.CO Plumbing, we utilise advanced leak detection equipment and methods to accurately identify water leaks. These may include acoustic leak detection, thermal imaging, moisture metres, and pressure testing. Our experienced technicians will select the most appropriate method for your specific situation.

Yes, our water leak detection services cover both hidden leaks within walls, floors, or ceilings, as well as underground water leaks in your yard or beneath your property. Our specialised equipment enables us to locate leaks in various concealed areas.

No, our water leak detection methods are non-invasive and designed to minimise damage to your property. We use techniques that do not require extensive demolition or excavation. Our goal is to detect leaks with precision while preserving the integrity of your property.

Once we identify the source of the water leak, our skilled plumbers will discuss the findings with you and recommend the most appropriate repair solutions. We will provide a detailed explanation of the necessary repairs, including options for repair methods and cost estimates.

RAE.CO Plumbing offers comprehensive water leak repair services. Our experienced plumbers are equipped to handle a wide range of repairs, from minor fixes to major plumbing system repairs, ensuring the leak is resolved efficiently and effectively.