Plumber New Lambton Heights

We are the solution for Residential Plumbing in Maitland, NSW – Focusing on Domestic, Commercial and Industrial servicing.

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    Plumber New Lambton Heights

    We are the solution for Residential Plumbing in Maitland, NSW – Focusing on Domestic, Commercial and Industrial servicing.

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      RaeCo Plumbing Checking Pipes

      Local Plumber New Lambton Heights

      During a plumbing emergency, pipes could burst, water heaters could leak, and rooms could flood. Plumbers are a blessing for most households and companies because of their rapid response times. Raeco Plumbing is an experienced plumber in New Lambton Heights who can assist you in handling these situations quickly.


      Our crew is equipped to handle any project, from repiping to installing fixtures and fixing burst pipes to pretty much everything in between. Our team of experts can resolve any plumbing issue with any plumbing system in your home or commercial facility. Raeco Plumbing has the knowledge and skills to handle any plumbing problem you may run across.

      Blocked Drains New Lambton Heights

      Blocked drainage is one of the vital plumbing system problems to watch out for. Blocked drains can significantly harm the efficiency of your home and your family members’ health. The stability of your house is put in danger, it becomes inhabitable, and the cost of upkeep and repairs rises.


      Call a Reaco Plumbing expert if you are experiencing backflow problems, stopped drains, blocked shower drain issues, blocked kitchen drain, a blocked sink, or foul smells in the bathroom. Numerous more severe plumbing problems can develop as a result of blocked drains. Our drain unblocking experts offer outstanding drain services using specialised equipment. Your neighbourhood experts will finish the job swiftly and effectively.

      Soil Hole
      Raeco Plumbing showcasing their tools from their truck.

      Hot Water Systems New Lambton Heights

      Are you considering adding a water heating system to an outbuilding, or are you building a new home and need a water heater installation? No matter your situation, the skilled professionals at Raeco Plumbing in your local area are ready to assist you in selecting and installing the hot water system that perfectly suits your needs.


      Your water heater ranks at the top among your home’s essential systems. When it malfunctions, timely professional assistance is crucial. At Raeco Plumbing, we offer a range of water heater services, including installation, maintenance, and replacement, available around the clock for your convenience. Our technicians undergo extensive technical training and are qualified to handle various general plumbing services related to electric and gas water heaters. We take pride in providing same-day service and offering next-day installations. Regarding your water heater needs, Raeco Plumbing is the trusted name you can depend on.

      RaeCo Plumber using the tools to dig the spot where the blocked drain pipe is.

      Pipe Relining New Lambton Heights

      Root intrusion, the accumulation of scale, and the buildup of fats, oils, and grease are common issues worsened by deteriorated, aged, fractured, blocked, or corroded water and sewer/drain pipes. Our pipe relining method results in minimal to no property damage. There’s no need for disruptive activities like breaking slabs or demolishing walls!


      Pipe relining is a strategic, long-term solution with three significant advantages:

      • It causes less disruption.
      • The results are superior and comprehensive.
      • It benefits the client in terms of immediate and long-term cost savings.

      For top-notch pipe relining services in the New Lambton Heights area, you can consistently rely on Raeco Plumbing. We will assess your concerns and connect you with one of our highly skilled pipe relining specialists.

      Gas Fitter New Lambton Heights

      Do you need assistance with gas fitting? Our knowledgeable gas plumber experts at Raeco Plumbing can install and fix your next natural gas appliance.


      Our knowledgeable and certified technicians can swiftly and economically install your gas appliances or perform gas maintenance needs.

      RaeCo Plumber checking the gas system.
      RaeCo plumbing is ready to serve you to your plumbing needs.

      Tap Repair New Lambton Heights

      Raeco Plumbing specialises in offering top-notch leaking tap and toilet repair services for residential and commercial properties. In addition to being inconvenient, a leaky or broken tap can waste water and possibly harm your property. Our skilled plumbers can assist you in quickly and effectively resolving any tap-related concerns.


      Our tap repair service solves various difficulties, such as leaky faucets, sloppy handles, stiff valves, and low water pressure. We know that, if ignored, even a tiny leak can soon become a more significant issue. We prioritise quick responses because of this, and we diligently search for the problem’s underlying causes.

      RaeCo Plumbing fixing the toilet blocked drain.

      Toilet Repair New Lambton Heights

      Your quality of life depends on functional toilets. Dealing with plumbing and toilet difficulties may severely impact comfort in both residential and commercial settings. Always think about getting a qualified plumber if you need assistance with a toilet problem. Knowing that we can quickly and efficiently diagnose your toilet problems through knowledge and competence, you can have peace of mind.

      Get Top-Notch Plumbing Services in New Lambton Heights – Choose Raeco Plumbing Today!

      You get all of that and more if you choose Raeco Plumbing. We are a reputable plumbing business with years of experience performing accurate toilet repair in the New Lambton Heights region at reasonable pricing.

      To schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services, get in touch with us today.


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