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We are the solution for Residential Plumbing on the Central Coast – Focusing on Domestic, Commercial and Industrial servicing.

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At Raeco Plumbing, we pride ourselves at providing excellent plumbing services no matter the size of the task.

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We are the solution for Residential Plumbing – Focusing on Domestic, Commercial and Industrial servicing.

Unblocking your toilets and drains so you can get back to your business with peace of mind.

Repairing leaking taps and toilets to prevent further damage to your surrounding environment.

Water leak detection, root cause resolution and protection measures to prevent future leaks.

Gas fitting installation, appliance installation and gas leak servicing in Sydney.

Rather than digging/ replacing the damaged pipe, we pipe reline from the surface.

Hot water system installation and servicing to extend the lifetime of your system.

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Hot Water System Islington

At Raeco Plumbing, we supply, install, and service all hot water systems, including electric, gas, and solar. Call us if you need help from our local plumbers with your hot water system or if it has stopped working. 

We will be able to diagnose the problem and carry out the necessary repairs quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you have a new hot water system up and running in no time.

We also offer a general plumbing maintenance service for hot water systems, which can help prolong their life and prevent future problems from occurring. For more information on our hot water system services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains Islington

Raeco Plumbing provides reliable service for blocked drain service across Newcastle. Our team of experienced and qualified drain technicians can clear any blockage quickly and efficiently.

We use the latest drain-clearing equipment to ensure clear and free-flowing drains. We can remove it all, be it Dirt, Grime, Grease, Hair, or even intrusive tree roots.


So, if you have blocked drains needing attention, please get in touch with us. We provide a fast, efficient, reliable service at a competitive price.

Leak Detection

Leak Detection Islington

Raeco Plumbing is proud to provide top-quality leak detection services across Newcastle. Raeco Plumbing can be your reliable plumbing life saver in leak detection and repair services.

 Our team of experienced and certified professionals uses the latest technology to locate and repair leaks quickly and efficiently. Water conservation in Australia is a must, so we work diligently to ensure you can be confident, knowing your water bill won’t be overblown next month.


Whether you have a leaking pipe, a dripping tap, or an overflowing toilet, Raeco Plumbing can be your reliable plumbing life saver in leak detection and repair services, getting your water system back up and running in no time. Our Plumbing Services are availabe across Newcastle, including suburbs such as MarylandWallsend and Mereweather


If you are concerned about a possible leak on your property, don’t hesitate to contact Raeco Plumbing for expert assistance. We will happily provide a free quote and advice on the best action.

Blocked Drain? No Problem!

Experience our high-pressure water jetter service for just $95!

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Plumber Islington

Plumbing issues are inevitable. If you are currently faced with one, we, the local plumbers of Raeco Plumbing, can help. Serving the areas of Islington, we have been providing years of high-quality plumbing services to both residential and commercial properties in the region.


Our team of experienced and licensed plumbers is well-equipped to handle a wide range of plumbing issues, from minor leaks and blocked drains to major pipe repairs and installations. No matter the size or complexity of the problem, we are dedicated to delivering reliable and efficient solutions.


Whether you require routine maintenance, emergency repairs, or plumbing system installations, we are committed to delivering exceptional results. Our services extend beyond fixing immediate problems; we also provide valuable advice on preventative measures to help you avoid future plumbing issues. By addressing the root causes and implementing long-term solutions, we strive to save you time, money, and unnecessary stress.

Blocked Drains Islington

Blocked drains can be detrimental to one’s health if left unaddressed. Attempting to unblock it on your own can be quite challenging too. Working with a professional plumber from Raeco Plumbing is the best option to address this issue.


Plumbers often employ drain snakes or augers to remove blockages. These tools consist of a long, flexible cable with a specialised head that can break up and dislodge debris within the drain. As the plumber inserts the snake into the drain, they rotate it to catch and remove the blockage.


It’s important to note that attempting to tackle a blocked drain yourself using DIY methods or store-bought chemicals can sometimes worsen the problem or cause damage to the plumbing system. To ensure a safe and effective resolution, it’s best to rely on the expertise of professional plumbers who have the necessary skills and tools to address blocked drains correctly.

Plumbing pipes
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Hot Water Systems Islington

In order to consistently and dependably deliver hot water for uses like bathing, cooking, and cleaning, hot water systems are essential in homes and commercial establishments. In order to heat and distribute hot water throughout the building, these systems—which include water heaters, boilers, and related plumbing infrastructure—work together.


It’s crucial to rely on licensed plumbers from Raeco Plumbing when dealing with hot water system issues. We have in-depth knowledge and experience in handling a variety of hot water system issues. Installation, repair, and maintenance jobs involving hot water systems can be handled by our plumbers thanks to their training and qualifications.


Our staff is knowledgeable about the nuances of many hot water system types, including conventional tank-based heaters, tankless systems, heat pumps, and solar-powered systems. Our ability to effectively analyse and diagnose problems, suggest suitable solutions and efficiently complete required repairs or installations is made possible by this knowledge.


The security and confidence of our customers come first. While servicing hot water systems, we follow industry standards for safety and best practices. Our plumbers have the knowledge, resources, and tools required to do their jobs in a secure and efficient manner.

Pipe Relining Islington

At Raeco Plumbing, we offer top-notch pipe relining services in Islington. Pipe relining is a modern and effective method for repairing damaged or deteriorated pipes without the need for extensive excavation or replacement. 


Our skilled plumbers are experienced in using advanced techniques and equipment to reline pipes, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable solution. We understand the importance of preserving the structural integrity of your property, and our pipe relining services are designed to minimise disruptions while providing a cost-effective and efficient repair option. Trust us to reline your pipes in Islington and enjoy the benefits of restored plumbing systems without the hassle.


Gas Fitter Islington

When it comes to gas fitting and gas-related services in Islington, Raeco Plumbing is your trusted partner. Our certified gas fitters have the expertise and knowledge to handle all your gas installation, repair, and maintenance needs. 


We prioritise safety and adhere to strict industry standards, ensuring that your gas systems are installed and serviced correctly. Whether you require gas line installations, appliance connections, leak detection, or emergency gas repairs, our experienced team has got you covered. Trust our gas fitters in Islington to provide reliable and efficient services, giving you peace of mind and a safe gas supply in your home or property.


Tap Repair Islington

Leaky taps can be a constant annoyance and a source of water wastage. At Raeco Plumbing, we offer professional tap repair services in Islington to resolve any issues you may have with your taps. Our skilled plumbers have the expertise to identify the cause of leaks or malfunctioning taps and provide efficient repairs. 


Whether it’s a simple washer replacement, cartridge repair, or complete tap replacement, we have the necessary tools and knowledge to get the job done right. Trust us to restore your taps to their optimal functionality, ensuring water conservation and a hassle-free experience in your Islington property.


Toilet Repair Islington

For reliable toilet repair services in Islington, Raeco Plumbing is your go-to choice. A malfunctioning or leaking toilet can disrupt your daily routine and cause inconvenience. Our experienced plumbers specialise in diagnosing and fixing various toilet issues promptly. From resolving blocks and leaks to repairing flushing mechanisms and replacing faulty components, we provide comprehensive toilet repair services. 


We understand the importance of having a fully functional and efficient toilet, and our team is committed to delivering exceptional results. Trust us to address your toilet repair needs in Islington, ensuring a properly functioning and hassle-free bathroom, both for residential and commercial establishments.


Do not settle with nothing less but the best. Work with Raeco Plumbing in addressing your plumbing problems. Contact us to learn more.


Comprehensive Plumbing Solutions in Islington

RAE.CO Plumbing is the premier provider of comprehensive plumbing services in Islington, serving the community with various solutions ranging from essential maintenance to complex installations. Our expertise encompasses all facets of plumbing, ensuring that whether your project is large or small, it is handled with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. We are committed to maintaining high standards across our services, guaranteeing that each task we undertake meets rigorous quality criteria and fully satisfies our clients’ specific requirements.


Our team is highly trained and thoroughly equipped with the latest tools and technologies in the industry. This preparation enables us to effectively address a broad spectrum of plumbing challenges, ensuring that every solution we provide is innovative and enduring. 


From Water Leak Detection to Pipe Relining: Our Services in Islington

Our array of services covers all necessary aspects to ensure the functionality and efficiency of your plumbing systems:


  • Bathroom Renovations: We provide comprehensive bathroom renovations to transform your bathroom into a modern, functional space that enhances comfort and value.
  • Blocked Toilets and Drains: Our team uses advanced techniques to respond quickly to remove blockages, restore proper flow, and prevent future issues.
  • Gas Fitting: Our certified gas fitting professionals adhere to the highest safety standards to ensure the safe installation and maintenance of gas lines.
  • General Plumbing: From routine checks to repairs of taps and sewer lines, we cover all general plumbing needs with thorough care.
  • Hot Water Systems: We install and maintain various types of hot water systems, depending on the specific needs of your household or business.
  • Pipe Relining: Our less invasive pipe relining solutions repair damaged plumbing without extensive excavation.
  • Pipe and Toilet Repair: We expertly repair pipes and toilets involving leaks, cracks, or wear, extending the life of your plumbing fixtures.
  • Water Leak Detection: Advanced water leak detection technologies identify and address leaks early, preventing costly water damage and wastage.


Dependable, Fast, and Qualified: Why Islington Chooses Us

Residents and businesses in Islington rely on us for many reasons, chiefly our reputation for dependability, prompt service, and comprehensive expertise. This level of service fosters a reliable and lasting relationship with our clients, reinforcing why Islington chooses us for their plumbing needs. Here are the factors that make us the preferred choice:


  • Reliability: Our clients trust us to be there when they need us, regardless of the size or complexity of the issue.
  • Speed: We are committed to responding swiftly to all service calls, which is crucial in emergencies to mitigate potential damage.
  • Qualifications: Each plumber in Islington is highly trained and stays current with the latest plumbing standards and technologies.
  • Customer Focus: We prioritise customer satisfaction with each interaction, ensuring clear communication and accurate solutions to meet individual needs.
  • Long-term Solutions: Unlike providers who focus on quick fixes, we aim to resolve underlying issues to prevent future problems, ensuring lasting results.


The RAE.CO Plumbing Promise in Islington

RAE.CO Plumbing is deeply committed to delivering exceptional plumbing services to the residents of Islington. Each team member strives to uphold high standards, ensuring our service is executed with professionalism and integrity. As a trusted Islington plumber, we value maintaining a solid reputation within the community by consistently meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.


Our promise to the Islington community includes:


  • Guaranteed Quality Workmanship: We employ only skilled professionals with the experience to perform at the highest level. Our work is backed by guarantees that ensure each job is completed correctly the first time.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We are committed to delivering customer service that is satisfactory and exceptional in every interaction. This includes clear communication, respect for property, and a personalised approach to addressing individual needs.
  • Ethical Pricing: We believe in transparency and fairness in all our pricing strategies. Clients receive detailed, upfront estimates without hidden costs, ensuring they can make informed financial decisions without surprises.


Emergency Plumber Islington: Rapid Response, Effective Solutions

In emergencies, the residents of Islington can rely on us for immediate and practical assistance. Our emergency plumbing services are well-known for their responsiveness and efficacy. They are designed to address urgent plumbing issues at any hour of the day or night. Knowing the potential stress and damage that plumbing emergencies can cause, we have structured our services to provide rapid relief and restore normalcy as quickly as possible.


Critical aspects of our emergency services include:


  • 24/7 Availability: Our emergency team is on call around the clock, including weekends and holidays, ensuring that help is always just a phone call away.
  • Rapid Response Times: Our local presence in Islington allows us to reach any affected site promptly, reducing waiting times and potential damage.
  • Practical Problem Solving: Leveraging extensive experience and advanced technology, our technicians can efficiently diagnose and resolve even the most complex emergencies. This rapid, targeted response minimises inconvenience and prevents further damage to your property.


Special Offer: 10% Off for Islington New Customers

To welcome new customers in Islington, RAE.CO Plumbing is excited to offer a special discount that makes our premium services more accessible. New clients will get 10% off their first service call, allowing them to experience our professional plumbing services at a reduced rate. This introductory offer is our way of inviting new customers to experience the quality and reliability that RAE.CO Plumbing is known for.


Book Your Islington Plumbing Service with RAE.CO Today

Booking your plumbing service with RAE.CO Plumbing in Islington is straightforward and designed for your convenience. Our responsive team will address your plumbing needs efficiently, ensuring a smooth and prompt service. Contact us today to arrange your service and experience the commitment to quality that RAE.CO Plumbing offers to the Islington community.

Clients Testimonials

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Sam Clarke
Sam Clarke
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The service was fantastic, very friendly and helpful. Very happy with the service. I would recommend Rae.Co Plumbing 😀
​Nick Burney
​Nick Burney
Read More
Same day response and very professional staff that attended to the problem. I will use Rae.Co Plumbing again for any plumbing issues!
Luke Fitzpatrick
Luke Fitzpatrick
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The team were professional, helpful and knowledgeable. They knew how to communicate problems well and finished them on the spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ section, where we address some of the most common queries about RAE.CO Plumbing’s services in Islington.

RAE.CO Plumbing provides a comprehensive suite of plumbing services designed to meet the needs of residential and commercial clients in Islington. Our offerings include:


  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Blocked Toilet and Drains
  • Gas Fitting
  • General Plumbing
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Pipe Relining
  • Pipe and Toilet Repair
  • Water Leak Detection

RAE.CO Plumbing is committed to providing swift and efficient responses to all plumbing emergencies in Islington. We aim to minimise your inconvenience and promptly resolve your plumbing issues. Our response times include:


  • Immediate Contact: Our team is available around the clock to take your calls and assess your plumbing needs.
  • Rapid Dispatch: We strive to dispatch a technician to your location within hours of your call, depending on the urgency and your specific situation.
  • Emergency Services: We prioritise quick action for urgent issues to prevent further damage and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Transparency and fairness guide our pricing policies. These policies are designed to provide clarity and build trust with our clients, ensuring you feel confident and informed about the costs involved in your plumbing services.


  • Upfront Estimates: Before any work begins, we provide a detailed estimate that outlines all expected costs associated with the service.
  • No Hidden Fees: We ensure that our pricing is straightforward—what you are quoted is what you will pay, with no hidden charges or unexpected costs.
  • Competitive Pricing: Our rates are competitively priced to offer value without compromising quality or service.
  • Flexible Payment Options: We offer flexible payment options to accommodate budgets and financial situations.