Leaking Tap Repair Central Coast & Newcastle

We are the solution for Residential Plumbing on the Central Coast & Newcastle – Focusing on Domestic, Commercial and Industrial servicing.

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    Leaking Tap Repair Central Coast

    We are the solution for Residential Plumbing on the Central Coast – Focusing on Domestic, Commercial and Industrial servicing.

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      RaeCo Plumber fixing the leaking tap.

      Leaking Taps and Toilets

      We understand the frustration that leaking taps and toilets can cause. Often they are issues that can get worse quite quickly unless the root cause is addressed.

      Signs your drain or toilet is leaking:

      If any of the following symptoms are occurring, we suggest you contact us for an obligation free inspection or quote.

      RaeCo Plumber using the tools to dig the spot where the blocked drain pipe is.

      Leak Detection Central Coast & Newcastle

      Is your water bill higher than usual? Are the plants in your garden starting to wilt? You may have a leak. And not just any old leak, but a hidden one that is costing you money and damaging your property.


      At Raeco Plumbing, we use the latest technology to locate leaks quickly and efficiently. We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to leaks, so we’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently.


      Leaks can be tricky to find, but our team of experienced professionals will use their expertise to locate the source of the problem and provide you with a solution that is right for your needs. We’ll also provide you with a free quote so that you can make an informed decision about your leak detection and repair needs.


      Don’t let a leak ruin your property or your finances. Call Raeco Plumbing today!

      Common signs you have a water leak

      Here are some things you can do or look at to see if you have a water leak:

      Raeco Plumbing showcasing their tools from their truck.

      If you are experiencing any of these  issues then it might be time to call a Raeco Plumbing!

      RaeCo Plumbing

      Methods of Leak Detection

      There are a few methods that we use to find the source of the leak. Some of these methods include using water pressure meters, dye testing, or infrared cameras.


      Water pressure meters are used to measure the water pressure in a system. This can help to determine if there is a leak somewhere in the system. If the water pressure is lower than it should be, it could be an indication of a leak.


      Dye testing is another method that can be used to find leaks. A dye is put into the water system and then monitored. If there is a leak, the dye will travel through the pipe and show up at the source of the leak.

      Infrared cameras can also be used to detect leaks. These cameras use infrared light to see objects in the dark. This can be helpful in finding leaks that are not visible with the naked eye.


      If you think you have a leak, it is important to call a plumber right away. A plumber will be able to find the source of the leak and fix it. Ignoring a leak can lead to serious damage to your home or business.


      Raeco Plumbing is a plumbing company that offers leak detection services. We have the experience and equipment to find the source of the leak and fix it. Call us today if you think you have a leak.


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      RaeCo Plumbing is ready to provide any problem arise when it comes to plumbing problems.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      A leaking tap is often caused by a worn-out or faulty washer or seal. Over time, these components can deteriorate, resulting in a constant drip or water leakage from the tap.

      A leaking toilet can be caused by several factors, including a faulty flush valve, worn-out flapper seal, loose connections, or a damaged overflow tube. These issues can lead to water continuously running into the toilet bowl or leaking onto the floor.

      Yes, even a small leak in a tap or toilet can waste a significant amount of water over time. It not only increases your water bills but also has an environmental impact. Timely repair is essential to conserve water and save on costs.

      RAE.CO Plumbing offers professional leaking tap & toilet repair services in both the Newcastle and Central Coast areas. If you’re facing these issues in these regions, we’re here to help.

      The time required to fix a leaking tap or toilet depends on the specific problem and its complexity. Our skilled plumbers will assess the issue and provide an estimated timeframe for the repair during the service.


      What steps should I take if I have a leaking tap or toilet?


      If you have a leaking tap or toilet, it’s best to take the following steps:


      • Turn off the water supply to the affected fixture by closing the shut-off valve or tap.
      • Avoid using the fixture until it’s repaired to prevent further water waste or damage.
      • Contact RAE.CO Plumbing for professional leaking tap or toilet repair services.

      While some minor leaking tap or toilet repairs can be DIY projects, it’s generally recommended to hire professional plumbers at RAE.CO Plumbing. They have the necessary knowledge, tools, and experience to accurately diagnose and fix the issue, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting repair.

      Yes, our team of plumbers is highly experienced in leaking tap and toilet repairs. They have the expertise to identify the root cause of the issue and provide efficient and effective solutions to stop the leaks.